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Welcome to the Decatur Amateur Radio Club (DARC), Decatur Alabama. Since 1953 the DARC continues to be dedicated to serving the North Alabama community by promoting interest in amateur radio communication, providing emergency communications in event of disasters, and providing community service to the area in which we live.

The DARC meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm, in the EMA Auditorium in the basement of the Morgan County Courthouse in Decatur, Alabama. We strive to provide a special interest program at each meeting following the business agenda. Come join us and enjoy the educational benefits of amateur radio plus the joy of community service.  Please arrive early for the meeting because the courthouse must remain locked and we station someone at the door of the lower (Lee Street) entrance until 6:30 to admit attendees. An “eatin’ meetin’ ” can occur at any time, so check this site or our Facebook page for details.

The DARC maintains both 2m and 70cm repeaters for your use. The primary 2m repeater is at 147.00+ (with a 123.0 CTCSS tone), and the 70cm repeater is at 443.85. Both are located on Brindlee Mountain in the eastern part of Morgan County. The other 2m repeater is at 146.98-, and the equipment is on Trinity Mountain in the northwest corner of the county.  CTCSS is not required for the 146.98 or 443.85 repeater use – they are open for all.

Our club callsign is W4ATD. We strive each June to make a respectable showing at Field Day, an event in which we have participated every year since our club’s founding in 1953. We are also involved with the Morgan County EMA, and we provide communications assistance in the event of severe weather (SKYWARN) and any other potential emergencies or disasters.

We hope you find value in this web site and encourage your input and feedback. Contact the club secretary (secretary [at] w4atd.org) with your suggestions and ideas.  Our mailing address is DARC, PO Box 9, Decatur, AL  35602-0009.