Ham Radio and FEMA

The Decatur Daily reported today (04 May 2017) about a mock drill (actually a “practice” mock drill) at the Morgan County EMA in the courthouse. They posted a photo essay here.

Of course they had to show ham radio as part of it.  There are 2 photos in the set of club treasurer Lester Christophe W5GSU. One of those even made the printed newspaper!

There are other practice and graded drills in the next week and month. Be listening on the repeaters and assist if you can!

Oh, here are the photos of W5GSU for your “enjoyment”.


W5GSU at EMA 1 - Decatur Daily-04May2017W5GSU at EMA 2 - Decatur Daily-04May2017

Richard Matthews

Author: KB4CAY

Ham since 1981. Secretary of Decatur Amateur Radio Club since 2001. I like digital modes and listening to local repeaters.