May Meeting Reminder – Phoning It In

This month, the Decatur Amateur Radio Club again cannot meet in person because of the continued restrictions on meetings of more than 10 people. So, like many other clubs, churches, and organizations around the country, we’re having to improvise. And we’d rather not cancel another meeting like we did last month.

This Tuesday, May 5th, is the date for our regularly scheduled monthly meeting at the Courthouse. But, like I said, we cannot meet there.

SO . . .

This month we will have a meeting by telephone. We’ll be phoning it into a conferencing service that will allow all of us to talk to each other and have something resembling a regular meeting. Club President Mike Findlay KD4TGC has set this up, and he will be the “host” of the conference. We decided on this meeting method because of some members who may be unable to use an online service such as ZOOM, FaceTime, or Facebook Live. We assume that most everyone has a telephone of some type. Note that you can use your computer to join the meeting if you have a headset. And you can text the number and have it call your phone.

Please call in at or a little before 7:30 on Tuesday evening, May 5th.

If you did not receive the e-mail announcement with the phone instructions, or if you have questions, please e-mail the club president Mike Findlay KD4TGC or e-mail the secretary Richard Matthews KB4CAY. We will e-mail or text you the information so you can join the meeting.

See you — or hear you — on the phone at 7:30 on Tuesday!

Richard Matthews

Author: KB4CAY

Ham since 1981. Secretary of Decatur Amateur Radio Club since 2001. I like digital modes and listening to local repeaters.