The Results Show That . . .

We tried!  We really did!  We even improved a bit!

The 2011 Field Day results are out.  The December QST magazine has them, and you can also find them on the ARRL website.

Our club station, W4ATD, recorded 842 contacts, submitting a score of 2,792 points (including the bonus points).  How did we do?

  • W4ATD was #636 out of 2,632 total entries received.
  • W4ATD was #137 out of 387 total entries in class 2A
  • W4ATD was #44 out of 203 total entries from the Southeast Division
  • W4ATD was #9 out of 26 entries in class 2A from the Southeastern Division
  • W4ATD was #9 out of 36 total entries from Alabama
  • W4ATD was #3 out of 7 entries in class 2A from Alabama.

Still not quite as good as other years, but better than last year!

Oh, apparently someone gave us double credit for the GOTA contacts (BTW, thanks Shawn KK4CLF!), because our listed result score is higher than our submitted score by that amount.  It wouldn’t change our position much by calling it to their attention, so we’ll watch out for it next year.

Next year.  June 23rd and 24th, 2012.  Plan to be there!  Plan to participate!  Plan to SCORE!

Richard Matthews

Author: KB4CAY

Ham since 1981. Secretary of Decatur Amateur Radio Club since 2001. I like digital modes and listening to local repeaters.

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