DARC November 2023 Meeting Reminder

Greetings! November has arrived with the early onset of darkness. “Daylight Savings Time” (don’t let me rant about that misnomer!) has ended, and the sun sets an hour earlier than it did last week. Yes, it rises an hour earlier also, and that’s OK. Just be consistent all year long. Please?

Anyway, it’s the beginning of another month, and that means that the Decatur Amateur Radio Club will again hold its monthly meeting. We will assemble in the basement auditorium of the Morgan County Courthouse in Decatur on Tuesday evening,  November 7th. We plan to start this meeting at 6:30 like we did last month, so don’t be late! Please come to the lower entrance off of Lee Street, and be early! The building stays locked, and we must keep someone at the door to admit members and visitors.

At the November meeting, we elect officers for the coming year. Please come and make your selections known. You can even volunteer for a position! Please!

The meeting should be streamed on Microsoft Teams. If you are unable to attend, log into the meeting on your computer and participate anyway!

Here is the online information:

  • Title:   DARC
  • When:   Occurs the first Tuesday of every month . . . from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.
  • Organizer:   EMA Operator <MCCEMA@morgancounty-al.gov>
  • Description:  DARC monthly members meeting.

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If you have issues, please contact me at this email address or contact the club president Thomas Garner KN4MDE at his address (his callsign @ outlook.com).

The next scheduled  meeting will be our annual Christmas Dinner on December 5th, 2023. The location is to be announced, but will likely be Libby’ Catfish and Diner in Priceville.

Please continue to spread the word to fellow hams or those who are wanting to take a test for a new or upgraded license that the Decatur club is scheduling license testing every month on the first Saturday of each month. The testing sessions will be held in the Decatur Public Library on 6th Avenue NE (Highway 31) at 1:00. Please bring ID (especially your FRN, which is required on the license application) and your $15 fee. And, most importantly, PLEASE send an email to DecaturHamTest@w4atd.org so we can have the testing materials prepared and available for you. December 2nd is our next scheduled testing date. And if you are a Volunteer Examiner or want to help in some way, please let us know! And if you send an email and do not get a timely response, please let the secretary know.

Remember also that the roster of current club members is now online at www.HamClubOnline.com. Set up your free account and if you have paid your dues (and the Secretary has updated the database) you should see that you’re associated with the DARC. If there’s an issue, let us know.

See you on Tuesday evening, November 7th at the courthouse at 6:30! Don’t miss it!

Richard Matthews

Author: KB4CAY

Ham since 1981. Secretary of Decatur Amateur Radio Club since 2001. I like digital modes and listening to local repeaters.