Field Day 2016 Scores Posted

The score and documentation for the 2016 Field Day operation have been posted to the ARRL for scoring.  We actually scored a little better this year than last year.

Here’s the breakdown:

Number of participants:  31

CW contacts:            166
Digital contacts:        88 (all by GOTA)
Phone contacts:        335 (includes 12 GOTA SSB contacts)

QSO points – CW:       166 x 2 =        332
QSO points – Digital:   88 X 2 =        176
QSO points – Phone:   335 x 1 =        335

Total QSO points = 843

Power multiplier:      150 watts or less = QSO x 2

Claimed QSO score =                     1,686

Bonus points:

200 points – 100% Emergency power
100 points – Alternate (solar) power – 5 contacts
100 points – Set-up in Public Place
100 points – Information Table
100 points – Site Visit by Invited Elected Official
80 points – GOTA bonus
50 points – Online entry form submission

Total bonus points =                        730

Total submitted score:       2,416 points
(66 points MORE than last year)

Here are a few interesting observations:

  • We had 40 more CW contacts this year than in 2015 (THANK YOU Byron, N4AX!!!).
  • We had 40 fewer phone contacts on the main stations than last year.
  • We had 88 digital contacts on the GOTA station this year (2 points each).
  • We only had 12 phone contacts on the GOTA station this year. Last year was 145 total GOTA contacts, all phone (1 point each).
  • We get 80 bonus points because 4 operators of the GOTA station each got 20 or more contacts.
  • We do not get any media publicity points this year. The Decatur Daily and the cable company were not contacted.
  • We were not visited by an invited agency official.
  • We were visited by an invited city council member but no other invited city or county officials.
  • We get 100 bonus points for making more than 5 contacts with solar power.

All in all it was a great outing, and I think everyone involved had a great time.

Now, wait till next year!!!

Richard Matthews

Author: KB4CAY

Ham since 1981. Secretary of Decatur Amateur Radio Club since 2001. I like digital modes and listening to local repeaters.