Field Day is Here!

Tomorrow, June 28th, Field Day begins. The Decatur Amateur Radio Club will be participating for the 55th time.

Field Day 2008Our operation this year will be class 2F, from the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the Morgan County Courthouse. This was a difficult decision to abandon the shelter at Point Mallard, but since several of our best operators and helpers will be unavailable this year, we had to do something to protect the equipment through the early morning hours when no one will be operating. You can see the place on the ARRL Field Day Locator web page. Search for W4ATD.

There will be 2 stations. One will be in the basement EOC radio room, and the other will be in the upstairs lobby area. We will have a G5RV antenna between 2 towers on the roof, and another G5RV strung from the edge of the roof to the top of a nearby tree.

We could certainly use some operators! If you are in Decatur on Saturday (and you don’t mind missing the air show in Huntsville) then come on out. Evening hours are when things begin to slow down as far as people, so anytime you come or anything you may wish to help out with will be appreciated!

Richard Matthews

Author: KB4CAY

Ham since 1981. Secretary of Decatur Amateur Radio Club since 2001. I like digital modes and listening to local repeaters.

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