ARRL Field Day 2021 Official Results

The Field Day 2021 results have finally been posted on the ARRL website.  They are also printed in the December issue of QST magazine. There was a record number of entries this year, almost double from prior years.

Our club’s standing this year returned to a level similar to prior years, consistent with the 2019 results, which was the last year we had a “regular” Field Day (2020 doesn’t count, for “reasons”).  We made a great effort in our new location at Delano Park in Decatur, and we had fun doing it!

Here’s the breakdown of the results:

  • Out of 5,878 entries overall, W4ATD was #999.
  • Out of 484 entries in the SE Division, W4ATD was #98.
  • Out of 99 entries in the AL Section, W4ATD was #22.
  • Out of 277 Class 2A entries overall, W4ATD was #116.
  • Out of 31 Class 2A entries in the SE Division, W4ATD was #14.
  • Out of 7 Class 2A entries in the AL Section, W4ATD was #3.

We could have done even better with greater participation. Many thanks to the 36 folks who showed up, even if it was only to talk and keep others occupied. We did very well, staying about our average among class 2A stations overall and especially in the SE division and our state.

NOW . . . .

We’re going to be better next year, right? Field Day 2022 will be June 25th and 26th! Make plans to be there and help out!

The Field Day 2021 results database can be found at:

Richard Matthews

Author: KB4CAY

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