DARC June 2022 Meeting Reminder – What’s for Dinner?

June has arrived, and the weather is transitioning from Spring to Summer. Although “transition” is an unusual term for the usual abrupt change in weather and temperature patterns!

June brings another change in the meeting plans for the Decatur Amateur Radio Club. The club’s monthly meeting for June will be held on Tuesday evening, June 7th, at 6:30pm at Libby’s Catfish and Diner atop Priceville Mountain on Highway 67. If you don’t know where it is, just get on the Beltline (Highway 67) and drive away from Decatur towards the east. After passing I-65, continue through Priceville and go up the mountain. When you reach the summit (such as is it), Libby’s will be on the right. Come hungry!

And note the change of time, please! It’s at 6:30. Please don’t show up at the Morgan County Courthouse this month, unless you enjoy the company of the cleaning crew.

And the big topic of discussion at some point during the evening will be FIELD DAY!  It’s only 3 weeks away now on the weekend of June 25th and 26th. We will set up our 69th annual effort in Pavilion A off of Gordon Drive at Delano Park in Decatur beginning at 9:00 on Saturday morning. Operations start at 1:00 and continue for 24 hours. We always need operators, especially overnight. Come to the meeting and be prepared to volunteer to help the club!

We are still seeking input about possibly making a permanent change to our regular meeting time. Please e-mail me at this address with your thoughts about a different time.

The continuing reminder about the online club roster:  Go to www.HamClubOnline.com. Set up your free account and if you have paid your dues (and the Secretary has updated the database) you should see that you’re associated with the DARC. If there’s an issue, let me know.

See you at Libby’s on Tuesday evening!

Richard Matthews

Author: KB4CAY

Ham since 1981. Secretary of Decatur Amateur Radio Club since 2001. I like digital modes and listening to local repeaters.